For auctions with real-time online bidding, which we call WebCast Bidding, you must register to bid live via the Internet. When you register, you will be assigned a paddle number, which will only work with password that you create. Please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions for the auction. We do not accept credit cards as a form of payment and there is a buyer’s premium that gets added to whatever you purchase.

On the day of the sale, there will be a link from our website to let you attend the auction via your PC. You are then armed and ready to bid against other Internet bidders and bidders on the auction floor. With our unique technology, there are no delays so you and the floor bidder have the same competitive advantage. (Although, at some auctions we have ice cream, so you do miss out on that – other than that, there are no differences).

How does WebCast work?

The Bidder’s display provides the interface between the live auction and the remote bidder. The format of the bidder display and the available functions are common for each of the sales supported by a CA Global Partners WebCast. Figure 1 is an example of the Bidder Display.

The display area is divided into eight areas:

  1. Item Photograph
  2. Lot Information
  3. Auctioneer’s Messages
  4. Bid functions
  5. Bidder connection information
  6. Audio/Video (A/V)
  7. Choice and Privilege
  8. Lot Preview Area

The following sections identify the content and controls available to the bidder for each of these areas.

1. Item Photograph

This areas is used to display of the picture for each of the lots as they are auctioned. The picture changes each time the Auction Administrator advances to another lot and remains in the window until the next lot is selected. If multiple images are available the photograph will change every 5 seconds. click on the right side of the image to manually advance the photo,

2. Lot Information

This areas defines the Lot#, quantity of items in the lot if greater than 1, and the lot description.

3. Auctioneer’s Messages

The message window is to display messages from the Auction Administrator that may be related to the auction or to an individual Lot#. The message remains in the message window until the next Lot is activated for auctioning. When a message is sent from the Administrator, the words ‘Auctioneer’s Message’ will flash on/off for a short period of time to provide a cue to the bidder that a new message has been sent.

4. Bid Functions

The status area of the display defines the following:

  • Current Bid: The last accepted bid from either an Internet bidder or a floor bidder.
  • Ask Price: The amount of the next bid the auctioneer is asking for
  • Bid Button: a large button containing the value of the ASKed for price above the last accepted bid.

5. Bidder Connection Information
  • Logged in as Bidder: Identifies the paddle number used to log into the auction
  • If the PC loses the connection to the Internet, the system will automatically attempt to re-connect. If re-connection cannot be accomplished automatically, the user should close the ‘Bidder Display’ by clicking on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the bidder display and attempt to re-connect to the by logging back into the auction
  • Status: Identifies connection status (‘Not Connected’ or ‘Connected’). ‘Connected’ status means that the user is connected to the auction and is able to perform bidding functions.

6. Audio & Video

The Audio and Video area

VIDEO OFF BUTTONSwitches flash video on and off. You may want to turn video off if you have low bandwidth internet connection

AUDIO OFF BUTTON Switches flash audio on and off

HELP BUTTON— clicking of the ‘HELP’ button generates a web page with links to the various functions that the user sees on the display or is able to activate by clicking a button on the display. The user selects a topic from the table of contents and is taken to that section of the HELP manual. Once the information has been read, the user returns to the ‘link’ page by clicking on the words ‘return to table of contents’. The entire HELP Manual can be printed by clicking on the printer logo on the browser menu line.

VIEW PURCHASES— when the VIEW PURCHASES button is clicked, the system generates a web page that identifies the credit information for this user and lists all purchases made up to the point in time the view purchases button is clicked. This function can be performed as many times as desired during the auction. Clicking on the printer icon on the browser menu can print the web page. This web page is NOT to be considered an invoice from the auction company; it is for informational purposes only. To return to the bidder display, the user clicks on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the web page display. The user should take care to click on the ‘X’ for the web page and not the ‘X’ for the bidder display when multiple windows are active on the screen at the same time.

7. Choice & Privilege

When a bidder wants to bid on a specific Lot#, the user clicks on the square to the left of the lot# in the window in the upper right of the display. This signifies to the Auctioneer that this bidder ‘may’ bid on the lot. If this is a Choice and Privilege lot, the bidder should click on the box for each lot that he/she wishes to purchase if they have the high bid for that Choice and Privilege group. If you select more than one box and are the winning bid, you will be awarded ALL of the lots that you bid on and you will be charged the bid price for EACH box that you have selected

If that bidder wins the lot, additional lots can be selected when the Auction Administrator asks the bidder if they wish to purchase additional lots at the same price.

If the bidder was the second highest, the Auction Administrator will offer C&P to the bidder and they have the opportunity to select one, two, or ‘n’ of the remaining items in the C&P group. In some cases, the Auctioneer may offer the remaining items to any bidder at that price and the bidder again has the opportunity to select any of the remaining items for purchase.

8. Lot Preview

The preview area allows you to independently advance forward and backward through the lots to see images and descriptions of all items available for sale during the auction.


If you have any further questions please email us, or call our office at +1-818-340-3134.


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