july, 2024





Live Global Webcast Auctions

CA Global Partners “CAGP” is one of the pioneers of Live Global WebCast Auctions. By integrating our state-of-the-art webcast bidding technology into a traditional live auction allows us to extend the reach of the auctioneer from the back of the auction room to bidders across the globe.

Live webcast auctions provide the opportunity for both domestic and international bidders to interact and bid real time against those physically at the auction site and each other. Bidding from home or office eliminates the expenses of airfare, hotel and gas, not to mention the valuable time spent traveling to the event site.

Live Studio Auctions – Broadcast live from our Auction Network Operations Center (“ANOC” or A.N.O.C.)

Our Auction Network Operations Center – ANOC Auctions put a new spin on a traditional industry. We offer studio based live webcast auctions that bring the excitement of a traditional live auction sale to a 100% online audience. This dynamic solution is scalable and has been used for auctions from $25 thousand to over $20 million at single event.

Timed Online Auctions

CAGP’s Timed Online Auctions combine the convenience of the traditional 24 x 7 auction prevalent in today’s internet marketplace with 25 years of industry experience. Our proven customer service & expertise is second to none.

With the Online 24 x 7 auction model, bidders no longer have to wade through pages of unrelated assets or wait weeks for the auction to close.  The buyer has the convenience of bidding on assets in any order, at any time.  CAGP Online 24 x 7 auctions benefit from the same innovative approach and attention to detail as our traditional and WebCast auctions

Private Treaty Sales

Not all equipment is suited to sale by auction. CAGP has developed an expertise in liquidations and private treaty sales. Our orderly liquidations and private treaty brokerage service is designed to generate the best possible return on high-value, complex assets. Generally a 2 to 6 month timeframe is utilized for these types of projects.Our marketing strategy includes print media publications, direct mass mailings, fax broadcasts, e-mail, website advertising and telemarketing.

Potential buyers are identified and contacted by our professional re-marketing agents to solicit their interest and present the subject equipment in a favorable manner.


Asset-based lenders and private equity firms require accurate and reliable appraisals to prepare loans or arrange competitive transactions. These companies have consistently relied on us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive and unrivaled appraisal and valuation programs.

Through our extensive research and years of experience, we can accurately determine and place a value on a broad range of inventories, machinery, equipment, and intellectual property.

All CAGP’s appraisals are USPAP compliant, and are prepared by ASA – Accredited Senior Appraisers.

Advisory Services

CAGP actively seeks alternative methods for increasing value and creating greater return for our clients.  Our Advisory Services Group has extensive experience marketing business components with ongoing value.  Our team values, sells and licenses business units and intellectual property, exacting returns that might otherwise be left on the table related to software, databases, customer lists, domain names, patents & trademarks

Our Solutions include: Crisis management, workouts, wind-downs, and insurance claim management. We work with our clients to determine their needs and devise a plan to meet and often exceed their goals.  Our approach is professional, efficient and consistent, but flexible enough to recognize that while our core function remains the same, each and every project is different.  It is essential to identify the variables and adjust the strategy to fit the situation, rather than force a project to fit within our business model.