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Bankruptcy auctions fade; so do bargains – East Bay Business Times, By Eric Lai, Nov. 12, 2004 The high-tech economy is finally on the mend. Not because President George Bush or Fed Chief Alan Greenspan declares it, but because bankruptcy auctioneer…  Full Story
One Man’s Economic Gotterdammerung Is Another’s Clearance Sale – eCompany, By Caroline Waxler, May, 2001 The bright side of all the bankruptcies and liquidations out there: There’s a lot of IT equipment for sale–cheap. Here’s what to know before you buy
Auctioneer’s chant is dirge for Net firm – The Mercury NewsThe Mercury News, April 11, 2001This is what the end looks like.
The dot-com dream, going once, twice ..Red Herring, By Paul Elias, March 27, 2001 So companies come here to die, I thought. Full Story
Going, Going, Gone, Dot-Com Bombs Selling Remnants on Auction Heap – ABC News, March 19, 2001 If you’re wondering what became of all that money you spent on dot-com stocks, look no further than a warehouse in Santa Clara, Calif.
Dot-Coms under the hammer – BBC News, By Maggie Shiels, March 19, 2001 As more dot-coms go to the wall, public auctions have become a weekly ritual in Silicon Valley. Full Story
Radio Story BBC World Service, March 19, 2001 Requires Real Player —Need Real Player? Click here to hear the story
Dot-Bomb’ Stuff Could Be Another Firm’s Treasure – COMPUTERWORLD, March 5, 2001 It wasn’t supposed to be like this. […] Instead, everything the company owned or leased went on the block. Full Story
GOING, GOING, DOT-GONE, Auctioneers benefit from failed startups – San Francisco Chronicle, February 19, 2001 This is perhaps the saddest epitaph an Internet company can get. It was printed on a flyer for the liquidation auction of failed dot-com EBalance. Full Story
Putting Dot-Coms to Rest – USA Today, By Marco R. della Cava, January 31, 2001 With a quick clearing of his throat, the barrel-chested man with the Robin Leach voice launches into the crying of Lot 49. Full Story
Gazoonite: Going, Going, Gone. – WiredNews, By Joanna Glasner, January 20, 2001 From a distance, the trendy office suite, with its loft-style floor plan and bare brick walls, might have looked like the headquarters of any bustling new economy business. Full Story
Prices head sky high as Three Rivers Stadium items are auctioned off – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, By Dan Gigler, January 7, 2001 Prices head sky high as Three Rivers Stadium items are auction off. Full Story
Stadium auction draws fan Jam – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, By Luis Fabregas, January 7, 2001 Stadium auction draws fan jam.  Owning a piece of Pittsburgh sports history ain’t exactly a bargain.