CA Global Partners Inc. (CAGP) are assisting in the sale of Airport Security Assets by private treaty. 


The sale comprises of a range of Rapiscan and Smiths Detection used security equipment at a fraction of new cost. If you are planning to buy Rapiscan itemisers or dual view X- ray scanners at any time in the next 12 months, this is an opportunity to save a huge amount on the purchase price of these units which would be ideal for all security related businesses such as airports, security firms, ports, stadiums and any other public areas.


Included in the sale are five SMITHS Detection (Heimann) Hi Scan 6040 aTix Dual view X-ray machines. The dual view, automated threat technology, allows the user fewer baggage checks compared to single view non-automated machines. The x-rays machines have been approved for ecac standard 2 cabin baggage and have a tunnel size of 600x 400mm.

They were manufactured in 2007 and operated between 2008 – 2015, continually serviced throughout their operation until shutdown, including a replacement generator program. They have newly installed hard drives, operating 2015 software. Serviced June 2020. Offers for each machine are invited above £5,000


To complement these, CAGP are also offering five Smiths Heimann iLane Dual View Operator Consoles. These monitors are used to view x-ray images and are an extra addition to the Smiths X-Ray machine. Although not necessarily needed for the operation of the X-Ray, they are desirable, offering an excellent operator experience.


Also manufactured by Smiths Detection are the SABRE 4000EXV, and CA Global are offering three units. The SABRE 4000 is still one of the smallest, lightest, hand-held liquid trace detectors available. The manufactured age is around 2007, but when serviced they still represent a current liquid trace detection solution, especially in other verticals away from aviation. They come complete with battery, charger and service.


The Rapiscan 4DX Itemiser is one of the latest Explosive trace detection systems available, and CAGP are proud to offer Seven units to the market. They are primarily used to detect minute amounts of explosives on clothing or skin (trace) via a swab, and can be mains or battery powered. They have a non-radioactive ionisation source, so ideal to export without restrictions. All trace detection devices have to be upgraded by July 2020 in Europe and the 4DX is currently on the approved ECAC upgrade list for 2020.


Due to their relatively young age (late 2017, operated until mid 2019) the majority of the units have low sample counts, indicating low passenger use, which is ideal for a new buyer. All units are programmed to detect explosives.


Rounding off the private treaty sale are three passenger area stainless steel recycling bins, produced by the British company, Lesco, a leading manufacturer of public area bins. They are commonly found in public areas, such as Airports, car parks, shopping centres and bus terminals.


All the units offered in this auction could easily be utilised abroad in any industry and extraction and relocation assistance is available and installation, training, and ongoing support is offered by RedteQ Analytical Ltd.


A catalogue of the assets can be found online at


Viewing is available by appointment at the CA Global UK facility in Derbyshire. All offers must be received before 5pm BST on Friday 31st July and are subject to UK VAT at the prevailing rate.



Please contact Andrew Pedley-Burns on +44 7713 111371 or at [email protected]