Fiddler's Ferry Power Station - Negotiated Sale

01aug9:50 amFiddler's Ferry Power Station - Negotiated SaleBy order of Peel NRE Development Acquisitions No.1 Ltd consequent upon the acquisition and re-development of Fiddler’s Ferry power stationAuction TypeCompletedCategorySolar/Wind/PowerCountryUK


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Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station, Widnes Rd, Warrington WA5 2UT

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By order of Peel NRE Development Acquisitions No.1 Ltd
consequent upon the acquisition and re-development of Fiddler’s Ferry power station.

CA Global Partners and Hickman Shearer are proud to announce the Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station negotiated sales – a sale of high-quality machinery from Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station in Warrington, UK.







Reverse Osmosis Plant


Elga Veolia 50 cu.m3/hour Reverse Osmosis Plant

This high-capacity Reverse Osmosis plant by Elga Veolia is capable of processing 50 cu.m3/hour. It was upgraded to an 8:4 configuration (originally 6:3) in 2010 and is skid-mounted and housed in a steel-clad 20 x 42m demountable building. The full specification and flow diagram are available on request.

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Power Generation Equipment


Alstom 22kV 500MW Stator and English Electric Rotor

This unused Alstom stator and English Electric rotor, from 2007, is an ideal asset for power generation applications.


Areva 22/275kV 600MVA Transformer

An unused 22/275kV 600MVA Transformer manufactured by Areva in 2006. It features normal voltage of HV – 300 kV, LV – 22kV and a current of HV – 1155A, LV 15746A, cooling ODWF.

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Fluid Filtration Equipment


Thyssen Krupp Fordertechnik ’32B7V’ Vacuum Filter Beds (2)

Manufactured in 2007, these filter beds boast a capacity of 61.2 m3/h and an output of 42 t/h dry gypsum.


Andritz ‘SE1500 CRD -WA1500’ Chamber Filter Press (2)

These Andritz chamber filter presses from 2007 have dimensions of C. 9 x 1.5 x 1.6.

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Ball Mills



ThyssenKrupp Ball Mill ‘2.6 m x 5.5m’ (2)

Two Ball Mills from ThyssenKrupp (2007) includes two Type 250 cyclone stations and can be used as either a wet or dry Ball Mill. With a capacity of 27 t / hour and a 500kW main drive, this is a high-performing asset for your industrial needs.

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Large Capacity Pumps and Motors


Various Models and Makes

This set includes twelve Duchting ‘MCC’ 16-40″ dia 88,000 gpm horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumps, three Josef Emmerich ‘SP537NG’ 50 cu.m/hour positive displacement pumps from 2007, two Kenflo ‘2BE1’ 33-1013 mbar liquid ring vacuum pumps, two Allen Gwynnes Pumps (firehouse process pumps XL) and motors from Schorch and EFACEC.

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Site Support Plant and Equipment


Atlas Copco GA132 10 Bar Air Compressors

Three Atlas Copco GA132 10 bar air compressors from 2007, demountable steel clad buildings, tanks – steel and GRP, various capacities, and a ProKlima HVAC plant.

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Tanks and Conveyors


Steel and GRP Storage Tanks

Various steel and GRP storage tanks and powered roller and belt conveyors.

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